Wind through the air, dipping and twisting at an amazing speed!


More than a wild adrenaline rush, the AvatarOne™ is a new breed of ride. Technically advanced yet eco-conscious, it’s engineered to thrill both adventure seekers and adventure park owners alike. Give your riders something they have only dreamed about– the ability to wind through the air, dipping and twisting at an amazing speed, filling them with exhilaration never before experienced!

AvatarOne™ is the result of new, patented technology. Using state-of-the-art materials we have carefully engineered and tested our ride so your customers can weave safely at full speed through the air like a bird and experience a rush like never before. AvatarOne™ is is engineered to meet ASTM and ACCT standards.



The AvatarOne™ fuses the fast free-flying sensation of a zip line with the ups, downs, and turns of a roller coaster giving the rider the ultimate thrill of flying. AvatarOne™ is the result of new patented technology and state-of-the-art materials carefully engineered and tested, letting your customers weave safely at full speed through the air like a large bird and experience a rush like never before.

The AvatarOne™ is custom built and installed; therefore the distance, height, speed, winding path and ups and downs it takes are planned and built especially to suit a location’s needs. The AvatarOne ™ can be designed as more thrilling or tame based on your visitor demographics. In fact, the AvatarOne™ can even end its journey with a splash in water.


Creativity is your limit with the AvatarOne™, our engineers will work with you to come up with a unique ride that best suits your location and visitor’s needs.

The AvatarOne™ is a one-of-a-kind ride that thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike will want to enjoy. However, in addition to its differential appeal, The AvatarOne™ also was conceived with profitability in mind. High volume throughput with minimal labor equals high profitability.


Rider Specifications

The force behind The AvatarOne™, is a team of former adventure park owners and ride engineers. We engineer eco-conscious rides with high safety standards that will set your location apart in a competitive market while maintaining a generous profit margin. We know what makes a ride successful is something that is safe and thrilling to the visitor and at the same time, marketable and profitable to the owners and/or shareholders.

Capable of launching 40 riders per hour on a single track system of 250 meters. Launch time can vary due to the length of the track.
Minimal labor required to run and maintain ride.
Low maintenance trolley and track design. Industrial 10 wheel pulley is designed to handle over 1,000 riders before bearing or wheel changes.
Eco-friendly; requires no power for ride to function.