Zip Wing

Soar through the clouds, fly like a bird! Zip Wing lets you fly… safely.

Zip Wing

Take flight with Zip Wing! Experience the sensation of hang gliding under controlled conditions as you soar down the mountain. Once reserved for only the most adventurous enthusiasts, the Zip Wing now allows anyone to experience the sport in its purest form.

Zip Wing systems have been operated around the world profitably for over 20 years, and have a stellar safety record. The Zip Wing, which can be operated year round in most weather conditions, is constructed under internationally accepted engineering standards and rates a five time safety factor to ensure your riders’ safety. Strict quality control is practiced on all components, and scheduled safety inspections provide easy operation and maintenance of equipment. Current systems can be designed up to 1,600 ft (487 m) in length, generating throughput of approximately 30 people per hour at 800 ft (243 m) of cable, and 20 people per hour at 1,600 ft (because of longer flight/retrieval time).


Both offering prone (i.e. “Superman”) or seated positions, and single or tandem gliders, the Zip Wing can be designed in one of two operational ways:

  • Design 1: Riders are secured in the glider at the lower base platform, pulled to the top platform using a high-speed winch, and then launched downhill. This setup is perfect when you do not have an easy way to get riders to the top platform.
  • Design 2: Riders are transported to the top platform (via vehicle, chair lift, etc.), secured in the glider, and then launched downhill via a running start. This setup is preferable when you wish to give your participants an exciting way to take off. Additionally, we offer both manual and automatic configurations to meet your specific needs and budget:
  • Our manual glider is designed for smaller budgets and can be operated with as few as one staff member. The manual option does not offer a speed regulator on the glider itself, so it is limited based on the slope of the land. On this glider, we can, however, offer a speed control/braking system operated at either end.
  • Our automatic glider comes with a computer control that regulates the glider’s speed, allowing us to install the glider in almost any environment. This system also allows participants to choose from a slow or fast setting, depending on their personal preferences.

Design Process

We start the Zip Wing design process with a topographical assessment and photos/videos to help with planning. We meet with you onsite to determine a proper location for the system, and conduct land and soil analyses to determine site appropriateness. Following this initial assessment, a site plan and engineering drawings are developed, so you can review and approve it all in a clean, visualized format before we proceed.

Upon approval, we provide and install all equipment and hardware necessary for your Zip Wing operation. We also offer a range of inspection options, ranging from training your staff to conducting quarterly or annual inspections performed by us. All systems come with our turnkey package, which includes all of the gear and training to make your business a success. We can also offer custom logos on your Zip Wing, building your brand through the thrilling and powerful, yet peaceful, experience of outdoor soaring.