Free Fall Drop

Make your favorite moves from as high as 30′ in the air. Make any audience light up with excitement with our free fall drop system.

The Launch

We start by designing, engineering, and constructing the ideal launch towers for your freefall drop.  These launch towers can be made out of wood, steel, or scaffolding.  In fact, you can call us to learn more about our excellent scaffolding leasing program. Of course, some of our clients already have a tower that they use.  In these cases, we are happy to modify or augment a launch deck that will work in tandem with your current design.









The freefall drop system is our new technology.  It uses an airbag with a surface sheet ‘floating’ on top. Beneath this floating sheet are cylindrical tubes that look like ‘fingers’. Upon landing on the surface, a small amount of air gets expelled from the cylindrical tubes, is sent into the base bag below, and softens your landing. It works almost the same as a shock absorber on your car. The reaction is immediate. This design helps prevent your legs and arms from not bearing the brunt of the impact but spreading it out. In other words, you can be safe even if you do not land specifically on your back! So go for it!  Jump!  Do that monster flip! You can have fun while being safer than ever.  For the first time, you can land on an airbag and not be overly concerned that you only land on your back to be safe.

Older technology landing airbags have been around for a long time.  However, they are not what you need. They are woefully inadequate.  In many ways, they are dangerous. Those older types are similar to the bouncy houses you can rent for parties but with an antiquated pressure escape system composed of velcro flaps and shock cords that rip open upon impact.