Canopy Tours

Soar above the tree tops! Canopy Tours are designed for maximum excitement.


Looking to combine the excitement of zip lines with the natural beauty of the environment? Then consider a canopy tour from Adventure Solutions. Our canopy tours combine a series of zip lines, platforms, walkways and bridges to give participants a thrilling birds-eye experience of life in the trees. Participants can soar, walk and sit in the forest canopy, viewing flora and fauna like never before!

Imagine ascending a tower into the treetops, then zipping between trees or platforms set high above the ground. A canopy tour from Adventure Solutions gives participants an up-close appreciation of nature, a spectacular educational experience, and an exciting way to dart about the treetops like the birds themselves.


Our team of experts brings over 100 years combined industry experience to bear. We offer self-regulating magnetic braking systems to brake zip line participants safely and comfortably. Our zip line platforms are designed by certified engineers to assure ultimate safety.  And all of our connections are made from galvanized structural steel, which prevents rust and corrosion.