Mega Zip

Introducing the fastest commercial zip line on the planet!

Mega Zip

Designed for zip lines over 3,000 feet in length. Building big zip lines requires a highly experienced team and the latest technology. Due to exciting new mechanical advances and engineering processes, Adventure Solutions is proud to now offer our customers the ultimate zip line experience—the Mega Zip. Manufactured using an ultra-high strength cable and complemented by a sophisticated braking system, the Mega Zip offers customers the longest, highest, and fastest zip line experience in the industry.

Mega Zip riders experience the thrill of flight at speeds up to an incredible 130 miles per hour! Harnessed in either a sitting (vertical) or Superman (horizontal) position, daredevils can enjoy the rides of their lives over a course length of up to 1.25 miles (7,000’), with a dizzying drop in elevation of up to 1300 feet. Mega Zip can be ridden by single riders or tandem pairs, allowing riders to test their courage alone or with a friend. The maximum throughput on a single line is approximately 60 people per hour allowing your business to generate more revenue than any of our competitors systems.


Mega Zip utilizes a patented braking system consisting of hydraulic shock absorbers and electromagnetic brakes, which safely decelerate riders and bring them to their arrival platform smoothly and comfortably. No speed governor is required with this system, allowing adventure seekers to safely experience the fun and excitement of high-velocity zip lining at maximum speed. Anyone weighing between 77 to 265 pounds can ride the Mega Zip, which means fun for the entire family!

Adventure Solutions’ team of experts will design and install Mega Zip on your mountain, hillside, or other elevated setup according to your specifications. Our licensed engineers will create your departure and arrival towers to ensure ultimate safety and highest quality, while fulfilling your aesthetic vision. Adventure Solutions has the most highly experienced team in the industry, with over 100 years of combined practice in the field.


Our Mega Zip system combines incredible excitement with strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety. Each of our projects receives the same superior level of care and safety, no matter the size, location, or investment. As a result, all of our Mega Zip zip lines are exceptionally safe, visually pleasing, and extremely long lasting. Adventure Solutions sets the standard for the industry, and Mega Zip sets the standard for the future of zip lines!


Zipline Cable

Specialized Cable Reduces Noise

Dual Rider Option

60% of the time people prefer to ride with a friend.  This provides for a higher throughput on the zip line and more people going. 

Highest Speed Zipline

Experience the thrill of flight at speeds up to an incredible 100 miles per hour!

Hydraulic Arrival Deck


Urethane wheels reduce cable wear and noise.